Logan really opened up through Champs Heart, he learned not only how to use his body in different ways, but he learned communication skills the kind that is critical for those who rely on others for help, he learned that he could tell his horse, Sonny, when to go and when to stop and he learned how to talk to and ask the volunteers for help repositioning him and when he was done or if he needed a break. Logan gained valuable core muscles that really helped him make progress with his journey of having spastic quad cerebral palsy, he started balancing better sitting on a chair and he started being able to pull his upper body off the ground and even eventually do what we call his bunny hop crawl. Being with champ’s Heart helped Logan work on his fears and his sensory skills as well. Logan was terrified of trees, tunnels, big indoor/outdoor spaces like a barn or a covered shelter, Logan was very scared of getting hurt, being around these giant-to-him animals and these strange environments really showed Logan how he could learn to try new things even if it was scary and he could even have fun! Logan is our touch, texture, and smell guy barns and animals are great with all those things as well and when Logan figured out he likes horses and likes to interact and ride them he was able to work on those sensory skills as well. Champs heart also has allowed us as a family of multiple levels to be able to come together and enjoy our time with one another the volunteers make sure my kids are safe and that lets me focus and enjoy all my kids without distraction a rare commodity these days. Thank you champs heart for blessing our family and giving my kids this incredible opportunity for them to enjoy life! We can’t wait to see when the weather warms up!