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Our Home

There is no place like this Home for Champ’s Heart. It is here where children and veterans with special needs and unique challenges both seen and unseen, along with their families, can find love, acceptance and a feeling of freedom and independence.

This home is a gift to these children and veterans who need healing horse encounters today and far into the future. We thank all of our generous donors for this gift!

$970,000 Mortgage Paid

Champ's Heart Founders

Larry & Wendy Cudmore

My wife, Wendy, and I are both recently retired. I served 38 years in Christian ministry, and 16 of those years were spent here in Idaho Falls at The First Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Wendy taught preschool classes for 29 years in a variety of Lutheran Church settings. In 2018, we both retired to pursue less formal acts of service within the community.

We have three grown children in Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming and six beautiful grandchildren. When we aren’t on the road to visit our family, we are partnering with our horses to help someone in your family.


Champ’s Heart is an equine-based ministry offering children with limited abilities, veterans of war, and their families the opportunity to feel safe while connecting with horses, and experience well-being and independence in a welcoming environment.


To expand our scope of equine services in order to promote a sense of freedom and independence to a larger number of veterans and children with limited abilities.


We value the opportunity to provide equine encounters that improve the quality of life of every child and veteran with limited abilities.

We value connecting these individuals and families to the innate healing power of horses wherein they can experience a sense of freedom, independence, and happiness.

We value creating a safe environment that welcomes participants into a community where they can develop friendships and a sense of belonging.

We value positive, reliable, and well-trained volunteers who are dedicated to providing a fun-loving environment that invites the creation of joyful moments.

We value the community of friends and supporters who, through charitable giving, make it possible to offer these services at no cost to participants.