Volunteer Application

Skills, Abilities, Horse Experience

Equine-Focused Volunteers (horse leaders)

Equine Volunteers are responsible for controlling the horse during sessions. They warm up the horse before each session, secure the horse during mounting and dismounting, and lead the horse during sessions. Only those volunteers with advanced horse experience will be chosen as an equine-focused volunteer. Their attention and responsibility is on the horse, not the participant.

Participant-Focused Volunteers (side-walkers)

Volunteers focused on participants walk alongside the horse during sessions. They help the participant stay safely on the horse while riding. If the participant is not ready to ride a horse, the side-walker stays with the participant while he/she takes part in petting, combing, or other horse related activities. The main responsibility of the side-walker is to keep the participant safe.

Special Events Volunteers

Event Volunteers help Champ’s Heart to host special events (e.g., sleigh rides, parades, and visiting nursing homes and schools) throughout the year. These events help spread the word about our services throughout the greater Idaho Falls area. During these events, we welcome having extra hands on deck.

Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising volunteers do not need special volunteer training in order to help with fundraising activities such as helping at displays and booths at fairs or concerts. However, they will be required to attend special training related to fundraising.

**Volunteers under the age of 16 will require parental oversight. Volunteer opportunities will be determined by a senior staff member.

Emergency Contacts

Please list a person who may be contacted in case of an emergency.

Please list a second person who may be contacted in case of an emergency.

***Champ’s Heart reserves the right to deny acceptance of volunteer application..***